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@ThisIsFarmers Instagram — Organic


Stepping into my role as Social Media and Creative Design Manager in October 2019, my first task was to launch a dedicated instagram account for workplace & culture at Farmers Insurance. The goal was to visually show the heart and soul of Farmers culture from the perspective of current employees. Since the account launched, I have been responsible for leading channel strategy, content creation, community management, social listening, results analysis, and reporting for Instagram and Farmers LinkedIn.

Milestones from @ThisisFarmers first two years:

  • Over 3 Million Impressions

  • Received over 82,000 Engagements

  • Gained over 7,100 followers (Reminder: it's an account for HR... at an insurance company) 

  • Published over 570 posts and over 1,045 Published Stories

  • Median engagement rate per post of 7.12% (that's 4x higher than the industry median of 1.22%)

The video on the left is a recap after the first year of the account. It, like all of the pieces below, were created by me from concept to execution (Along with strategy, ideation, design, motion graphics, and data analysis— yep, it’s a lot).


Talent Tuesday

In January 2020, I created the “Talent Tuesdays” stories series to share open roles. Every week, I work closely with Recruitment Specialists to design original stories for each position and link out to the roles directly in Instagram. This program has been a massive benefit to the Talent Acquisition team and gives prospective employees another reason to follow the account.

Creative Strategy & Analytics

  • Before applying at Farmers, 40.2% of people looked at @ThisIsFarmers on Instagram

  • 23.3% of people initially found out about their job via Talent Tuesdays on Instagram stories

  • After talking with a recruiter during the phone interview process, 45.9% of people looked at @ThisisFarmers

  • After receiving an offer letter, 47.8% looked at @ThisIsFarmers

These numbers come from an internal survey of Farmers employees hired between January 2021 - October 2021. It showed that in less than two years @ThisIsFarmers has become an important tool to showcase life at farmers, promotional tool for recruiters, and resource for prospective employees.

"...But how does your work impact overall business ROI?!"

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