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Hi! I'm Lauren!

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And yes, I really am a Professional Magician.


I love working for companies that positively impact lives. I made love for a living. Farmers Insurance? I help people find jobs which have pushed careers forward. Iconmobile? I helped companies stay relevant when "mobile first" became a thing.

Want more facts? Keep reading. 

1.) I'm a Creative with a holistic approach. I'm highly proficient with the tools of the trade, but I also get my hands dirty in analyzing data, creating strategy, and community management. I find inspiration from the world around me, and thrive in diverse, fast-paced, positive, collaborative, and innovative work environments. I'm well equipped to handle lots of moving pieces, and effortlessly manage projects and details of every size. 

2.) I'm a Magician, Creative, Strategist, Designer, Photographer, and Social Media Swiss army knife. For every project, I put it all into a blender to create highly effective business smoothies and milkshakes. My background provides me with the unique ability to successfully lead and engage in creative direction, strategic performance and planning, visual storytelling, content creation, project execution, and overall social media management. 

3.) I'm a digital junkie with over 10k followers on my personal Instagram account, more than 1,350 followers on my dog's Instagram account (in the first month), and persuaded over 7,100 people in the first two years to follow an insurance company's HR Instagram account. I specialize in organic growth, which means higher engagement, impressions, and reach for less spend. 

4.) In 2013/2014, I decided to become a Professional Magician on top of my full-time career. Does that take balance? Of course, but I do what I do for the love of it. On the surface, magic and marketing seem very different. In reality, they require the same skills for success. 

5.) I really like lists comprised of multiples of 5.  



Association of National Advertisers (ANA)


  • 2019: Certified ANA Marketing Professional

  • 2019: Content Marketing Certificate Program

  • 2019: Customer Insights Certificate Program

  • 2020: Marketing Analytics Certificate Program

  • 2020: Omnichannel Marketing Certificate Program



  • 2019: Google Analytics Individual Qualification

  • 2021: The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing



  • 2021: Content Marketing for Social Media

  • 2021: Personal Branding on Social Media

  • 2021: Social Media Marketing: Strategy & Optimization

  • 2021: Social Media for Leadership

  • 2021: Data Visualization for Marketers

  • 2021: Marketing to Generation Z

  • 2021: Motion Graphics for Social Media

  • 2021: Social Media Marketing Foundations

  • 2021: Creating Your Personal Brand

  • 2021: Strategic Thinking


Western Washington University

Bachelor of Arts, Design

Completed in 2011

Major: Design with New Media Concentration

Minor: Communication

Columbia Business School

Strategic Intuition Course

Completed 2019








Par Perfeito

Princeton Review


Farmers Insurance



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