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Farmers Insurance — Talent Brand


As the Social Media and Creative Design Manager at Farmers Insurance, I'm responsible for leading Creative and Creative Strategy for Talent Brand, under the Human Resources umbrella. This includes creating, designing, optimizing, and analyzing compelling graphics, photos, and videos that highlight the Farmers Insurance talent brand & culture. I'm also responsible for continuously refreshing talent branding on all digital channels, including managing two of the corporate social media channels: Farmers Insurance on Linkedin and @ThisIsFarmers on Instagram.

Trying to attract interns to an insurance company can be...difficult. Especially if the recruiting materials are using tired, scattered, and inconsistent design. So in 2021, I created a full, fresh rebrand for the Internship Program to provide consistency, refine the messaging, and speak to a new generation of interns. After developing the strategy and initial designs, I worked with the current internship class to see what their peers would respond best to. The full brand guidelines were then developed using their thoughts and the input of other key stakeholders.

Use the slider on the left to switch between viewing the collateral after and before the rebrand.

This Employer Brand Playbook is the first in Farmers Insurance history. It exists to help prospective, new, and current employees understand the culture and values of Farmers beyond the catchy commercials and slogans. I was responsible for the full creative design including layout, color scheme, and image selection to accompany copy written by our Talent Brand Specialist. In addition to the playbook, I was also responsible for creating the motion graphics piece above, used to announce the playbook externally.


2020 and 2021 were busy years for recruiters and recruitment networks. Farmers had a ton of open roles and new hires but they weren't showing up enough in people’s feeds. So, I created a suite of content for recruiters to feature specific job openings or skillsets they’re looking for to drive engagement on their personal accounts. Applicants started rolling in and offer letters were being sent out. In order to give new hires a way to brag about their new jobs, I also created content for them to share along with their job announcement posts (in Farmers colors, naturally).

Internship Program Rebrand

Employee Advocacy

This includes creative strategy, posting schedule (5x/week minimum), content creation, community management, data analysis and reporting results to top-level executives.


In the first two years after I took over managing the account (2019-2021), analytics showed a dramatic increase in engagements, impressions, post clicks, and overall audience growth from previous years. The data on the right shows the metrics and account health between 2019-2021. 

Linkedin Metrics
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