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Just For Funsies


I'm a creative through and through, and sincerely don't know how to not be creative — not that I'd ever not want to be! To give you an idea of how much creativity has always oozed out of me... When I was four years old, a pilot announced on the loudspeaker that it was whale season, and the first person to spot a whale would receive a prize. So what did little 4-year-old me do? I took out the airsickness bag from the seat in front of me, drew a picture of a whale and won. At the time, I had no idea why no one else thought of doing that and as I'm sure you can imagine, that pillowcase filled with peanuts aka my "prize" lasted me a long time... so much so that the peanuts probably expired.

I truthfully have a lot of fun doing creative projects outside of work, so this section is just meant to share those projects, hence the name "Just For Funsies"

Please feel free to click on the images to view the descriptions and larger images.

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